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History of Indian Ethnic Wear


Indian clothing with a rich history will never disappoint you with its charm! 

What is the most confusing thing for girls in the world? Probably, choosing what to wear? Especially when you are Indian, this is one of the biggest confusions in life as India has so many attires of different styles. 

Indian clothing is always in trend having great popularity. 

The rich history of Indian wear is a reason for Indians to be proud of the versatile Indian culture. Ajmera Retail Pvt ltd. is trying to reach the rich tradition of Indian wear to the people who love to wear Indian clothing. It's interesting thing to know about the history of Indian clothing. Indian clothing culture has many influences, which is the reason behind the rich culture of Indian wear.  

When talking about the rich culture of Indian clothing, how can one forget the contribution of the Mughal Era? They had a great passion and love for fashion and textiles. After analyzing the Indian apparel history, it came to our knowledge that Indian dress before the origin of Babur was like pieces of drapes. History says that the peasants of Babur and also the lower classes did not cover their bodies correctly with clothes. They used to tie a thing called "Langoti" which is nothing but a piece of cloth that was supposed to hang down only two spans from the naval. Even women did not have proper outfits to cover their bodies.  

The great Mughal emperor Akbar also thought about the comfort of Indian citizens while deciding on attire. The majority of the clothes were made with expensive silk or with embroidery of gold and silver zari. It is also found that the Mughal emperors were so passionate about their fashion and clothes that they did not use the clothes twice. The clothing innovation of Noor Jahan also made her quite famous in the history of Indian clothing. One of the most loved Indian attires, Anarkali, is supposed to have been invented by Noor Jahan.  

Bengal also contributed a lot to the rich history of Indian clothing. There were rumors that the thumbs of weavers of Muslin clothes were cut off by the British so that; they could not make such a beautiful cloth again. The Muslin Fabric was so soft and feathery that the fabric could pass through a small ring. The unique fashion sense of Bengalis is also the result of the rich history of Indian clothing. The style of wearing a saree of Bengalis is very alluring and appealing.   

 Elegant yet attractive Indian attire is best for flaunting one's beauty.

If you are thinking about wearing something elegant yet attractive, the first thing that comes to mind is Indian clothing. Even, People in western countries also love to flaunt their beauty using Indian clothing. From the era of ancient India, the fashion sense of Indians was very appealing. The fact is worth noting that the styling and clothing used by Royal queens and Kings of India are still on trend. The famous Indian fashion designers are also influenced by their royal yet elegant fashion sense. Bollywood celebrities are also fond of Indian wear. How can we forget the hype about lehenga or sarees carried by our beloved faces?  

The rich history of Indian wear highly attracts famous fashion designers. They never forget to use the essence of the rich culture of Indian clothing in their prime stylish designs. We are lucky enough to know about the rich history of Indian wear with the help of paintings and human art forms found in ancient monuments or sculptures.  

Indian clothing is highly influenced by the fashion trends from the Mughal Era. 

The unique style of Indian apparel is famous all over the world. The main reason behind such a rich history of Indian wear is the presence of people from different religions and cultures. The immigration of people from different cultures into India also made it possible to add so much variety to Indian wear.  

Different Indian outfits have different glorious history of origin.  

Each Indian outfit has a different story of origin. The best thing about Indian clothing is that it provides many options for people to feel confident and classy. Only India has such a rich fashion that helps people to look super beautiful even after wearing traditional outfits. The most popular varieties of Indian Outfits are the lehenga, saree, salwar kameez, Nehru jacket, and Sherwani.  

Ethic outfits of India have a rich history make people more attractive and classier. 

Marriage ceremonies or sangeet evenings in India are never complete without ethnic wear. Weddings are never complete without talking and noticing the lehenga of other girls. Ajmera Retail Pvt ltd. has an unbelievable collection of beautiful lehengas that will make your special occasions more special. The three-piece attire originated in the 10th century. Saree is an Indian attire that flaunts the beauty of every woman. A woman with a good sense of fashion must have different varieties of sarees (Benarsi, Mangalore silk, Paithani, Linen, Kanchipuram, Bandhej, etc.) in her wardrobe. Famous Bollywood celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and Rekha always make the environment draping the leading Indian attire. Salwar-Kameez came to India holding the hands of Mughals. No doubt the salwar kameez suits all the ladies who love to stay comfortable yet beautiful. Originated in the Mughal period, Indian attire is famous in all parts of India. The most popular version of the salwar kameez is the Anarkali suit. The Nehru jacket is still enough to win the hearts of Indian girls. Sherwani is a traditional but stylish Indian attire that adds life to the appearance of men. The influence of Bollywood actresses and fashion designers has made the Indian outfit more famous among the younger generation. The attire carries out the traditional rich culture of India from the Mughal Era. The popular apparel of Turkish and Persian civilizations is still a secret for men to steal the hearts of Indian girls. 



Not only India but the western countries are also now following the Indian fashion trends. Indians should be proud of their rich culture of clothing. The clothing of a person showcases the personality of a person. Hence it is pretty crucial to choose your attire wisely. The rich culture of Indian clothing further showcases how great Indian culture is even after being so diverse.

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