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Best Outfit ideas for Wedding
The rich history of Indian wear is a reason for Indians to be proud of the versatile Indian culture. Ajmera Retail Pvt ltd. is trying to reach the rich tradition of Indian wear to the people who love to wear Indian clothing. It's interesting thing to know about the history of Indian clothing. Indian clothing culture has many influences, which is the reason behind the rich culture of Indian wear.    When talking about the rich culture of Indian clothing, how can one forget the contribution of the Mughal Era? They had a great passion and love for fashion and textiles. After analyzing the Indian apparel history, it came to our knowledge that Indian dress before the origin of Babur was like pieces of drapes. History says that the peasants of Babur and also the lower classes did not cover their bodies correctly with clothes. They used to tie a thing called "Langoti" which is nothing but a piece of cloth that was supposed to hang down only two spans from the naval. Even women did not have proper outfits to cover their bodies.
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